You can now play Metroid Prime on your Xbox Series X | S.

Some users recently announced that new Microsoft consoles can be used as a RetroArch emulator. It was not illegal and the console was not tampered with in any way. What had to be done was to run out of console Development mode, and in this way you could use the console hardware as the most powerful emulator you could have imagined. And thanks to this already you can play Metroid Prime on your Xbox Series X | S.. Among other great games.

One user shared a message on Twitter in which he jokingly said: “Just play another day Metroid Prime and Xbox Series X«. The text was accompanied by a screenshot showing what the game looked like. We still don’t know how to play it, especially in terms of controls, but as far as it works with an emulator, it certainly has customizable controls. Something curious is that the user «Spawn wave»You use the Xbox Series X console to play games.

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As with this game, there are many options that this option gives from the consoles, which we still don’t know when it will be enabled, or if it is possible that Microsoft disable this option. The truth is, if you put your console in the Dev Mode to turn it into a RetroArch emulator, just factory reset it to your Xbox Series X | S..

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