100% electronic professional certificates are issued online, starting tomorrow

From tomorrow, the third phase in the emission of professional electronic certificates, which implies Issuance of this document 100% onlinesaid the SSecretary of public education.

"To achieve it successfully electronic emission of professional certificates, it is imperative that educational institutions are in favor of the General management of professions (PGD) the titles in electronic format "he added.

According to the agency, the issuance of electronic cedula & # 39; s facilitates procedures for users since management is done from a device with internet access, it takes a few minutes to complete the process and prevents personal appointments from being planned or going to the DGP.

To obtain it, you only have to enter it www.gob.mx/cedulaprofesional, have the title issued by the educational institution, have the e.firma and execute the payment online.

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<p>The first phase began with the publication on 16 April of the amendments to the regulation, the launch of the electronic platform and the launch of a pilot program with the National Technological Institute of Mexico and the National Polytechnic Institute, for the <em>registration of the titles and issuance of the identity card.</em></p>
<p>The second phase consisted of the integration of the institutions into the registration process of the titles in electronic form, for which group trainings were organized and manuals were drawn up to disseminate the technical details of the service. During this phase, considered a transitional phase, a hybrid process was launched in which the graduates could present their professional title in order to <strong>Electronic professional certificate</strong>.</p>
<p>"Now, in the third phase, it is essential that the higher education institutions (IES)<strong> September</strong>, by means of <strong>DGP</strong>, the database with the information about young graduates with completion process, "he said. </p>
<p>From April 16 to September 28, 2018, when the issuance of <strong>electronic cedula & # 39; s</strong>, the <strong>DGP</strong> has issued<em> 417,000 professional certificates in electronic format and approximately 286 thousand documents are currently being issued.</em></p>
<p>More than today<em> visit one million 400 thousand</em> to the www.gob.mxcedulaprofesional portal, of which more than 897 thousand correspond to the issue of the cedula and more than 238 thousand to duplicate the document.</p>
<p>"The <strong>electronic cedula</strong> it is a document that has patent effects for professional practice and enables society to fully and with certainty identify the person from whom it receives the delivery of a service, "he added. </p>
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