20 false police detects in Tehuacán, Puebla, after surgery

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The secretariat of the security of Puebla detected 20 false police officers from Tehuacán after the surgery this morning, in which he took control of the safety in that municipality.

The state agency reported that of the elements that have been transferred to the Center for Control of Evaluation and Trust to apply the confidentiality tests only 113 are accredited in the database as police of the municipality.

The head of the SSP, Jesús Morales Rodríguez, reported that the operation responded to the fact that Emergency center and immediate response from Tehuacán It was not connected to the Puebla C5 and not the municipal police number, that's why the services were performed at will.

In turn, the head of the Attorney General, Víctor Carrancá Bourget, said that the agents of the Public Prosecution Service are ready to receive those who remain available, and in the case of criminal behavior, the investigation files will be initiated.

The Secretary-General of the Government, Diódoro Carrasco Altamirano, warned that in Tehuacán no authority is exempted from post-surgery investigations that took place this morning to take control of safety in the municipality.

The official responded to an express question whether the municipal president, Ernestina Fernández, and other authorities such as the municipal curator and the judge-qualifier should be investigated.

He said that the increasing wave of violence and insecurity in the municipality led to Tehuacán's crime rates above the average of the state in all areas.

"Therefore, under the public security strategy of the Puebla Segura Coordination Group, with the support of the federal government, an exceptional situation was assessed that jeopardizes the social peace of the population in that municipality," he said.


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