3,117 Intentional killings in July, new record: SESNSP

CITY OF MEXICO (APR) .- In July, a new record was established in the number of deliberate killings in the two recent decades, when the registration of 3,117 victims in the 32 states reported the executive secretariat of the national public security system (SESNSP) .

In addition, with 298 murders registered by the authorities, Baja California performs the list of states with the highest number of deaths during that month.

And in May of this year, the highest number of murders of women and men was registered when two thousand 894 murders were documented throughout the country.

The figures from the SESNSP indicate that two thousand 104 people were killed with a firearm during last July; 320 with a white weapon; 552 for an unspecified purpose, and in 41 cases the way the murder was committed is unknown.

The data available on the secretariat's website indicate that 1,290 murders took place in five entities, corresponding to 42.75% of the murders registered in July.

Those states are: Baja California, with 298 murders; Guanajuato, with 269; Chihuahua, with 258; State of Mexico, with 245 and Guerrero, with 220.
They are followed by Jalisco, with 193; Michoacán, with 149; Mexico City, with 129; Quintana Roo and Tamaulipas, each with 94; Oaxaca, with 89; Morelos, with 84; Sinaloa, with 82; and Nuevo León, with 70 cases.

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