& # 39; Hit & # 39; 250 thousand users stop trucks; State will dissolve the contract

The support vehicles were inadequate in concluding urban transport services that affected more than 250,000 users in at least four Sonora municipalities and which, despite disagreement between the state government and dealers, will continue today, as announced by the carriers.

Because of the violation of the service and the refusal to reach an agreement, the Directorate-General for Transport in Sonora began a process of dissolution of the contract with Sictuhsa; that is to cancel the company and cancel the contracts.

The government agency carried out an operation from the first hours, where collective taxis and special trucks provided the service, with the same rate of 9 pesos & 5 pesos being charged to students.

Users gathered at specific points, mainly in the suburbs of Hermosillo; one of the cases was on the Boulevard Progreso corner with Solidaridad, where a concession of taxi drivers accommodated people in different vehicles.

In Guaymas thousands of people were left without service by stopping about 70% of the 109 trucks that regularly drive around; in Obregón, municipality of Cajeme, there were 70 units of the company Tramo, which stopped the service.

Governor Claudia Pavlovich Arellano said the state will not give in to the blackmail and grilling of concessions for public transport for a tariff increase, let alone when the service leaves much to be desired.

The president unlawfully pointed to the stopping of lorries that were concessionaires, because the community needs a good quality service.

"Many things go into discussions about legal issues, but what I tell them is that we are going to support ourselves and that we will not give in to someone's blackmail," he said.

15 days ago, in the voice of José Luis Gerardo, the president of Sictuhsa, the concession holders said that if the government wants concessions, they liquidate them and they pay the investment, so the Chief Executive added that it is an option that the government keeps it.

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