50 years ago, Diego Fernández de Cevallos expressed his solidarity with the student movement

In 1968the young Diego Fernández de Cevallos, then leader of the Youthpanistas, was presented in "The islands" of the University city to participate in the dialogue proposed by the National Strike Council (CNH), the IPN Student Parents Association and the Civic Union or Parents of the UNAM, with the purpose of debate with legislators and authorities from the department of the federal district and the federal government, the latter under the leadership of the president Gustavo Diaz Ordaz.

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<p>How the lens of <strong>THE UNIVERSAL </strong>exactly 50 years ago Fernández de Cevallos visited <strong>National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) </strong>in front of <strong>Solidarity with students</strong> and announced that the legislators of<strong> </strong>National Action Party (PAN) <strong>would be the student's problem in the Chamber of Deputies</strong>.</p>
<p>He assured that the deputies and senators of his party had not appeared on the campus before. "<strong>because they did not want to violate university autonomy or did not want to capitalize on the movement</strong>".</p>
<p>in front of <strong>20 thousand people</strong> it came with the hope of starting a dialogue, Fernández de Cevallos said "<strong>who today calls himself children of the revolution deny this</strong>"He also criticized what he described as"<strong>government mafia</strong>"and assured that"<strong>the movement eventually touched one of the taboos in Mexico: presidentialism</strong>. "</p>
<p>People love him besides him <strong>Jesús González Schmal</strong>, another PAN leader and now general coordinator of the <strong>Historic Center Authority</strong> from Mexico City, and <strong>Heberto Castillo</strong>, then professor of <strong>Technical school</strong> and member of the <strong>Coalition of teachers of middle and higher education for democratic freedoms.</strong> </p>
<p>The last, future founder and presidential candidate in 1988 <strong>Mexican workers party</strong>, confirmed that despite the absence of legislators and public officials in the debate, <strong>the students would insist on a dialogue</strong>. "The dialogue will continue wherever and how you want, <strong>but not only: it must be public</strong>"He also asked the <strong>Mexican telesystem</strong> that would allow<strong> a space for the CNH to put its demands on the Mexican population</strong>.</p>
<p>When you take the floor, <strong>Marcelino Perelló</strong>, then student of the <strong>Faculty of Sciences</strong> and leader of the CNH, pointed out that the students <strong>they accepted the responsibility that society had delegated to them </strong>and that's why they should do that <strong>"take it without hesitation".</strong></p>
<p>"The government has a simple way to end the conflict:<strong> accept the points that the movement requires</strong>"he said.</p>
<p><strong>Half a century ago</strong>, 20 thousand people gathered in "Las Islas" for several hours in anticipation of the arrival of public officials, who <strong>they never arrived</strong>. But this group of students, teachers, employees and society in general shouted and cheered the CNH and solidarity organizations.</p>
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They appeared during the demonstration images of Ernesto "Che" Guevaraas well as the slogans of "Forbidding prohibition" and "Make love, not war".

At that time, a month after the start of the student movement, The struggle of thousands of young people and other population groups was strengthened every day.


On 3 October 2012, he said in an interview with Javier Solórzano, "El jefe Diego", that he knew that the student movement would end in "a massacre" and that despite the fact that the national leadership did not like him as leader of the youth Panistas , went to CU to demand a dialogue between the CNH and the authorities.

"I publicly participated in the rally in the National Action Representation, where I considered that it should be sustained to put an end to that struggle that would obviously end in a massacre." I had important talks with Adolfo Christlieb Ibarrola. , PAN national leader, but he always respected my position as a PAN, as a university student and, of course, as a citizen, and all I wanted was a more direct presence of PAN members in that movement, as a university student and as a citizen, " he said.

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