A & # 39; unit president & # 39; the & # 39; civil war & # 39; within the PAN: tackle Moreno Valle

MEXICO CITY (APR) .- The leadership of the National Action Party (PAN), which still controls the former presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya, tries to make the next president "of unity" to avoid an internal conflict that would lead to "a civil war" between factions.

One of the candidates to preside over the PAN, the ex-governor Rafael Moreno Valle, attributed that intention to the delay in the issuance of the call that will determine the conditions of the internal conflict, and he himself said he was not part to take a 'collision & # 39; to avoid. of trains ".

"It is already time in the PAN unit, and in this context we are looking for a big agreement, where the governors, the mayors of the important municipalities, integrate different political actors and of course the current leadership for a civil war in the party. that would weaken us a lot, "said Moreno Valle.

The expriista, who wants to be the coordinator of the senators in exchange for not wanting to preside over the PAN, whose strongest prospect is the deputy Marko Cortés, Anaya group, warned that an internal process would involve a "civil war" that would only weaken more to his party and would lead to more defeats in the near future.

"That is, we see a complex scenario and I think we need to promote unity and that is why the dialogue is open and we are willing and able to set aside a legitimate personal aspiration, regardless of positioning, to build that unity and that everyone has a space, that we are looking for the right profiles and above all that we avoid that train collision within the PAN ".

Moreno Valle defended his quest to be coordinator of the PAN caucus in the Senate, in exchange for losing as president of this party, arguing that those of the other groups are ex-governors.

Moreno Valle was helped by the negotiation he made when he made his bid to become presidential candidate for Anaya in exchange for his wife, Martha Erika Alonso, as a candidate for the governor of Puebla whose triumph advocates for fraudulent practices that Morena accuses.

For its part, the "official" candidate for PAN President, Marko Cortés, maintained his internal activism among militants, and today he met Felipe de Jesús Cantú and Pedro Garza, PAN candidates for branch presidents of Monterrey and Guadalupe, Nuevo León. , whose triumphs were reversed by the Electoral Court of Nuevo León to give them to the candidates of the PRI, a lawsuit that will reach the Constitutional Court of the Judiciary of the Federation (TEPJF).

"I met Felipe de Jesús Cantú and Pedro Garza to express my full support in their fight for respect for the vote in Monterrey and Guadalupe, Nuevo León.The panistas from all over Mexico will accompany this struggle for democracy and the will of the citizens, "wrote Cortés.

These two issues have become strategic for the PAN, whose national leader, Damián Zepeda, has warned that they will not allow the PRI to steal those two municipalities and bet that both cases will return to the TEPJF.

"For the National Action Party, defending democracy in Mexico is a top priority, we are democrats, we respect the results if they do not favor us, and we defend the voice of the citizens when they have given it to us," he said. .

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