A woman is shot dead in Periférico Sur

Mexico City /

In an apparent direct attack she was killed by several gunshots a woman about 30 years old, on the corner of Periférico and Forestal, Colonia Guadalupe.

The woman's body was placed on the sidewalk in front of a funeral center together with her belongings.

Immediately, passers-by asked police and ambulance support.

Until the place was a certain doctor, the ambulance staff attended the woman and although they tried to resuscitate it; I no longer had vital signs.

Elements of the Coapa Sector of the SSP cut the area where they found more than five slammed bushes until the arrival of Experts of the PGJ Capitalina.

So far no record of people has been arrested for this murder, because the victim's belongings were found in place, the main line of the investigation is a direct attack.

After the corresponding investigation, the corpse was transferred to the amphitheater of the corresponding territorial coordination.

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