A young girl condemns a rape in broad daylight on Naucalpan Street

A few steps away from the telephone exchange where she works, Amelia was raped on Thursday morning, with a view to pedestrians and employees, Toluca Avenue and Periférico Norte.

"I got off at the intersection of Periférico and Primero de Mayo, on the side of Avenida Toluca." While I waited for the traffic light to cross the street, a man approached me and forced me to walk to the back seat with a gun and came between some dark places. "

It was 6:40 in the morning. The subject shouted the young student on the street, "even some turned around and looked at me with disgust, but nobody intervened," said the victim.

"The subject, whose smell was disgusting, immobilized me with his weapon." I became paralyzed when he hit me after I had hidden the mobile phone "well" in his pants because I had given him the phone for assault, my wallet and my references "he added.
Quiet and with the gun pressed on her body, Amelia thought she could die and without shouting she got the humiliation through the penis of the man between her legs and then in her mouth to feel.

"He was insulting me all the time while I was being subjected, I still can not explain why people did not help me, prevented rape or at least did not call the police," says the young student.

In the MP, specializing in family, sexual and gender violence, Amelia had to wait more than seven hours without being able to clean herself, so that a doctor could see her. She even got a reprimand by the staff when he ate something after one o'clock in the afternoon because he had not had breakfast. "You have influenced the evidence" was the complaint he heard from the specialized staff of the agency.

"My daughter had fainted, how is it possible that the staff could not take throat inflammation in so many hours or tell me which hospital could take her and that she could cleanse her mouth and body to remove the traces that left her? & # 39; the mother of the young girl was helpless.

Reporting his offense lasted almost 10 hours. Amelia, however, confirmed convinced that she did not want one of her colleagues from the telephone exchange or the FES to live what she was living, so she went back to the area where the attack took place, accompanied by ministerial police officers who verified that there are no security cameras or police officers in that passage of Periférico Norte and Toluca Avenue.

Hundreds of employees pass through the area, many of whom are women who come to work at sunrise or leave on night shifts without supervision. & # 39; It seems that no one cares about our security, & # 39; Amelia complained.

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