Abate Semar to Commander 30, leader of the CJNG and to 6 of Los Cuijes (PHOTOS)

He was the founder of the Cartel Segura Puebla, head of the huachicol and received several murders. During the early hours of yesterday, the federal elements implemented an operation in the border area with Santa María Xonacatepec and exchanged shots in agricultural areas of San Miguel Espejo

The & # 39; Comandante 30 & # 39 ;, founder of the cartel Segura Puebla (CPS) and leader of the Jalisco Nueva Generación-Cartel (CJNG), as well as six subjects of "Los Cuijes & # 39 ;," were killed during a confrontation with elements of the marine secretariat (SEMAR) that took place in the cultivation areas of the community of San Miguel Espejo, in the municipality of Amozoc and Puebla.

During the early hours of yesterday, the federal elements set up an operation in the border area with the Auxiliary Board of Santa María Xonacatepec, who had the goal of setting up the self-styled Commander 30 & # 39; to find, identified as one of the main leaders who operated huachicoleros in said area.

At the time of this action, seven subjects were traveling in a truck that was guarding a pipe from Vela Gas, known to be fed with hydrocarbon stolen from Petróleos Mexicanos' pipelines.

When they were on a dirt road that was difficult to reach, they were surprised by the elements of the navy.

Then the criminals made several explosions against the sailors, who turned away the aggression and caused a confrontation. Seven subjects have been killed in the exchange of photos.

During the day, the armed forces carried out an operation in the area, so that the experts from the public prosecutor's office (FGE) could carry out the corresponding procedures.

Around 4:00 PM yesterday, the authorities removed and transferred the seven bodies. Also with cranes that dragged the gas pipe and the van into which the alleged criminals traveled, which was completely rafagueada.

It should be noted that in the vehicle several long firearms, useful patterns, among other objects, that were insured by the ministerial authorities were found.

Unofficially it was mentioned that the six killed victims were part of the band known as Los Cuijes & # 39 ;, related to the multiple execution that took place on July 3, 2017 in Huehuetlán El Grande.

Five people were burned and four more were executed. The main motive that was followed was a dispute between subjects relating to the theft of hydrocarbons.

On Monday, the Marine Minister, the Attorney General's Office and the Secretary of State Public Security (SSP) will provide details of these events.

He was famous for his threatening video & # 39; s

In the last few weeks, several video 's began to spread through social networks in which a man who has himself & # 39; Commander 30 & # 39; mentioned, accompanied by hooded others and armed with firearms, warned that he was a real member of the New Jalisco Cartel Generation (CJNG) and assured that "would make a clean one".

In publications he always warned the authorities that he was not playing and that they did not mess with his activities.

As a result of the warnings, a video appeared in which alleged members of the New Generation Jalisco Cartel (CJNG) were deported from & # 39; Comandante 30 & # 39 ;, who claimed that he belonged to their organization.

In the recording we see about 20 people with long arms carrying the following message: "People of the state of Puebla, we are the Jalisco New Generation-cartel, based in the city of Puebla and its surroundings, we are not involved with the government or the community ", they said in the material.

They also said that they would make a clean spot and leave "little gifts" and would have the following: "We do not make video's by fame, we do it to answer all those locusts that video & # 39; s have uploaded to networks like that & # 39; Commander 30 & # 39; You know very well that you do not belong to the people ", they point out.

The video series forced the state government to take a position through the public public security secretariat (SSP), said the purpose of these materials was to cause panic and therefore urged the public to not to reproduce. He said they were keeping track of and analyzing the accounts that had issued the messages. For the peace of the people, the declaration from the authorities states that one of the videos was recorded four years ago.

One of the crimes that this character was awarded was that of & # 39; El Charrascas & # 39; or & # 39; El Delta & # 39; which was found on July 20, along with another man, on Granados Street in the Bosques de Manzanilla district.

The investigation made it possible to know that the deceased served as an informer for police companies, since he gave them data on criminal groups.

Under the human remains a & # 39; narcomensaje & # 39; found on a white cardboard, signed by & # 39; Comandante 30 & # 39 ;.

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