Accuses PGR of impartiality in the Chihuahua prosecutor's office

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The Chihuahua prosecutor's office supplied "in part" to the federal prosecutor's office the file of the former secretary-general of the PRI, Alejandro Gutiérrez Gutiérrez, for which "the agent of the Federal Ministry of the Federation, assigned to Mexico City, received only a part of the archives and records of that investigation to proceed with the procedure "and did not have adequate, relevant and sufficient evidence to formulate accusations.

In a statement, the agency confirmed that it called for the dismissal of the criminal case against Gutiérrez Gutiérrez, accused of the alleged diversion of 250 million pesos from the Chihuahua Treasury, and argued that the accusation originally filed by the Attorney General of the State of Chihuahua had been submitted, mainly in witness statements, to which the federal prosecution did not have access and which were not supported by other evidence. "It was ordered that the data from the 19-2017-2079 research folder of the Chihuahua prosecutor's office were handed over to the federal prosecutor's office, which happened, albeit partially," the bureau emphasized.

"Once the test data was forwarded by the Attorney General of the State of Chihuahua, as well as those collected by the federal government within the extension granted by the court of the case for the additional investigation, the agent of the Public Prosecutor's Office concluded, pursuant to Article 327, fifth part of the national code of criminal procedure, that it did not have the necessary elements, which were relevant and adequate, with which the intervention of the agent in the facts under investigation could have been proved and, for so many, to make an accusation to formulate. "Therefore, the dependency details," after hearing the report presented by the agent of the Public Prosecution Service of the Federation, the District Judge, specializing of the Federal Forensic Center of the North Prison, decided to to order the dismissal of the criminal case, thereby safely, of course, the right of the offended party, within the legal to call against his determination. "

The governor of Chihuahua, Javier Corral, wrote on his Twitter account: "As we expected, the case hearing of Alejandro Gutiérrez took place and what they had planned: the PGR withdrew from the accusations and the federal judge, Marco Antonio Fuerte Tapia, rejected the criminal case, and the release of the former secretary-general is under way. "

According to Corral, Gutiérrez's case marks "the depth of the moral and institutional decline in the persecution and administration of justice in Mexico, the conspiracy of judges and the PGR to act as defenders of the corrupt."

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