Action that raises Ruiz Massieu in PRI, between protest of the "exdipuhooligan" and slogan antiPeña (Videos)

MEXICO CITY (APR) .- The members of the National Political Council of the PRI unanimously chose Claudia Ruiz Massieu Salinas as party chairman, which will complete its mission in August 2019.

On taking office, the niece of former president Carlos Salinas and daughter of the ex-leader of the murdered PRI, José Francisco Ruiz Massieu, asked the militants to unite and close the ranks with the slogan & # 39; we are in the fight & # 39 ;.

Take a protest from Claudia Ruiz Massieu. Photo: Eduardo Miranda

Despite the fact that the voice of most council members had been "ironed", a dissident voice crept between protests in the auditorium "Plutarco Elías Calles" of the national headquarters of the PRI. It was the former deputy capital Cristian Vargas, who said that "millions of PRIista's" do not agree with the "imposition" of Ruiz Massieu by President Enrique Peña Nieto.

The former Revolutionary Youth Front Brigades Coordinator in this capital and former local deputy for the eighth district of the Gustavo A. Madero delegation in the Legislative Assembly said that the PRI had nothing to celebrate and criticized the government from Peña, to ensure that it delivered the party to "a PAN", hinted at Jose Antonio Meade, and now "popped his head" for Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to begin the process of transferring powers.

From the stage, the counselor known as the "dipoolool", because of his violent nature, asked Ruiz Massieu to "take off his shoes" and renew the PRI from his militancy.

After listening to the statements of support of the former president of the party, José Antonio González Fernández, and Claudia Pavlovich, governor of Sonora, Ruiz Massieu gave her protest as the new national president of the PRI after she admitted she was the biggest Party's challenge in its nearly 90 years of history: opposition and minority are in the Congress of the Union.

He also expressed his commitment to reform and renew the PRI with the warning that this will be a long and difficult process. He said that he did not belong to a group or movement, but that he would work to make PRI a strong and responsible opposition party.

Ruiz Massieu occupied a large part of his speech for self-criticism. "I am not afraid of words," he said, acknowledging that they had been lost in the last elections because the party was "blurry".

"We faded", acknowledged Ruiz Massieu and noted that they did not raise their voices for the "cynical and insulting" PRI that committed corruption.

On two occasions Ruiz Massieu recognized Enrique Peña Nieto, to whom he said that the PRI will support his government until the last minute.

He then asked not to confuse change with confusion, and announced that he would speak with all fighting to strengthen unity and begin the reform work of the PRI.

He warned that PRI must return to its roots, approach people and become a horizontal party, which is not in turn tied to the president. He suggested a lot of "causes and not of quotas & # 39; that will defend the regime of powers and the federal pact.

Finally, I announce that the PRI will be renewed for the coming years and will be announced to the new General Secretary of the party within 60 days, following the untimely resignation of Rubén Moreira in the past few days.

Peña, hands over the presidency

During the Prize Act, a presumed militant from that party came on stage, approached the main panel and proclaimed a banner whose legend said: "Peña transfers the presidency as he frees the PRI (sic) ".

Dressed in the red chammarra property, the & # 39; spontaneous & # 39; members of the board, amid gibes and shouts from & # 39; unit & # 39 ;.

Another group PRI tried to calm down with the Protestant, but the moment became steeper and even until the moment the alleged militant insisted.

After a few seconds of dialogue, the complainant left the main stand and the session was held.

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