Alfredo del Mazo offers cooperation, dialogue and respect for the legislature to meet the challenges of edomx

September 5, 2018

It offers respect for the sovereign of the legislature and for the norms of coexistence that determine parliamentary life.


The government of the State of Mexico works in coordination with the local legislature, promoting dialogue to conclude agreements and the sovereign of the legislature, to maintain the political stability that characterizes the entity, but especially alliances that enable the development of the population, confirmed the governor Alfredo Del Mazo Maza.

"That is why the government respects the sovereign of the legislature and offers permanent cooperation, always striving to ensure that the decisions taken by the Congress benefit every Mexican.

"The state government knows that delegates and deputies will carry out a responsible exercise of their functions, an action taken by the institutions, will have the greatest determination to maintain the political stability that governments in the state of Mexico have served for many years. maintain ", deliberately.

This Wednesday, after 10:30 in the morning, the governor came to the home of the Mexican Congress, which yesterday installed his LX legislature and opened his first regular session today.

In the legislative field, the Heads of State listened carefully to the views of green ecologists, democratic revolution, social encounter, national action, labor, institutional revolution and national regeneration movements.

Then, in his speech, the state leader offered a permanent and constructive dialogue for the executive and legislature to find solutions to the challenges of the entity, without undermining their respective attributions and with regard to the rules of coexistence that the parliamentary to organize life and the relationship of Congress with the government of the state.

Similarly, I extended my hand to all political forces represented in the local legislature and noted that, due to the democratic calling of the Mexiquenses and the solidity of our institutions, there is a legislative power with a majority that would lead to a other party then belongs that He is head of the executive power.

"The conformation of the LX legislature is a reflection of this democratic evolution, and a consequence of institutional life, strong, peaceful and stable, that distinguishes the Mexican state and makes it proud," he said.

For the legislators of the various political groups, Alfredo Del Mazo indicated that the construction of alliances strengthens the development and progress of every Mexican citizen in order to make the entity a solidary, fair, equal and just state.

"Let's give an example to the rest of the country Let's build a political alliance that strengthens the development of every Mexiquense Let's just chance, the understanding through dialogue and the relentless respect for the will to progress of the Mexiquenses , the political values ​​of this bit.

"Summarizing everyone's voices and letting us build a state of solidarity with Mexico, where justice, equality and equality find their strongest support in the power of our diversity," he said.

Del Mazo Maza pointed out that the government administration shares the vision and objectives of the deputies who are part of the LX Local Legislature, namely to make the state of Mexico an entity that offers opportunities under conditions of equality and equality, a just country and a example of welfare for families.

In this context, reiterate the commitment of the Mexican government to cooperate with the legislative and judiciary, for social purposes, by promoting families and seeking the integral reinforcement of communities.

As well as engaging in a permanent and constructive dialogue with the Legislature, to find solutions with talent, responsibility and vision that encompasses the challenges for the State of Mexico.

"This government is listening to the message of the electorate, today I am celebrating with you this new phase of the legislative power, which will give our institutions more legitimacy, stability and solidity," he added.

The head of state secretary noted that one of the central issues that will be discussed during the first regular session will be the analysis, modification and approval of the budget package for the financial year 2019, which he said is a sound budget with a social vocation, responding to the reduction of poverty, marginalization and inequalities existing within the entity, as well as attracting more investment and creating sources of employment.

"The discussion and final approval of the budget is an excellent starting point for designing a legislative agenda that serves the objectives we all agree with, remember that our duty is to the citizen and that our only priority should be their well-being, " he said. .

The leader of the state pointed out that the elections on 1 July prove the maturity of Mexican democracy, with the institutions that participated in this election process doing so with strict compliance with the law to enforce the will of the majority, the conversion of the majority diversity and plurality as the greatest strengths.

He also stated that those who are part of the government administration should behave in a responsible and dedicated manner for the benefit of the public service, so that his government is committed to strengthening the transparency of the government, accountability and improving the quality. of service to the population.

"I am convinced that the goal of the policy is to serve with total dedication to society, a society that demands to govern with transparency, responsibility and results, without making any distinction between colors, ideologies or parties," he said.

He added that it is time to set up a joint project, the only objective being the development of Mexican families, to make the state of Mexico a fairer, more equal and stronger entity.

"This is a government project designed for the well-being of families in Mexico, and for materialization it needs the institutional support, dedication and talent of members of the LX legislature," he said.

The representatives of the PVEM, Jos Alberto Couttolenc Buentello, take the floor in this Sesin; from the PRD, Omar Ortega lvarez; from the PES, Carlos Loman Delgado, from the PAN, Anuar Azar Figueroa; from the PT, Armando Bautista Gmez, from the PRI, Mara Mercedes Coln Guadarrama; and from Morena, Maurilio Hernndez Gonzlez.

They noted that the election days have been in the past and that it is time to initiate a change and promote legislative agendas that make it possible to meet the challenges of the state of Mexico and always watch over the interests, well-being and care of the Mexican population.

The members of the legal and comprehensive cabinet of the government of the state of Mexico and the president of the judiciary, Sergio Medina Pealoza; among other things.

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