AMLO invites you to participate in consultation for a new airport

the elected president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, called on all Mexicans to take part in the public consultation for the future of it New Mexico City International Airport (NAICM) and the advantages and disadvantages of following the construction of the air terminal in the Lake of Texcoco, State of Mexico.

Through a video that uploaded their social networks, López Obrador He said that all citizens should participate because of the relevance of the project for the finances of the country.

"It is a matter for all Mexicans because it has to do with the National budget and the money is from all, native farmers from all regions of the country, it is the money and then we all have to participate. "

He explained that there are two ways: continue building the new air terminal in the Lake of Texcoco or stop that work, cancel it and make two clues in the Saint Lucia military airport, with a new terminal, which connects it to the current airport.

One of the advantages of building the new air terminal in the Lake of Texcoco, López Obrador He states that the works are already under consideration, 60 billion pesos have already been exercised and there is already an engagement for 100 billion pesos.

"You have resources so that you do not have to withdraw money in 2019 and 2020 budget, are advantages that you have a single modern airport with enough space ".

The disadvantages of this work is that it is built on muddy ground, which implies risk & # 39; s taking; It is a very big work that, even if it is well managed, costs 300 billion pesos with honesty; the current airport and also the military airport of Santa Lucía should be closed due to air interference.

At the end of the video he said that another of the problems is that the "Lake Nabor Cornelius"but when discovering the mistake his team told him it was "Nabor Carrillo" and López Obrador He asked to cut the video.

The video of just over 5 minutes was erased from the social networks of the Tabasco politician.

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