AMLO launches & # 39; first call & # 39; for consultation about new airport

The elected president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), invited the population participate in the citizens' meeting held in October to determine the future of the New Mexico International Airport (NAIM).

In a video broadcast on his Twitter account, he emphasized the importance of citizen participation in the issue, since the decision is the responsibility of everyone, not just those who use aircraft as a means of transport, because for the construction of the air terminal applications money from the treasury.

"It's something very important, of national importance that concerns us all, not just those who use airplanes, not just for those who live in the center of the Republic, it's a matter of all Mexicansbecause it has to do with the budget of everyone, native farmers, of all regions of the country, "he said.

"There are two options, two alternatives, two ways: continue building the Texcoco airport or stop work, stop it, cancel it and make two tracks at the Santa Lucia military airport, with a new terminal and connect the new airport with the airport, Saint Lucia, "he said.

López Obrador explained what he thinks is the pros and cons of building the New Mexico International Airport in the federal zone of what was Lake Texcoco.

like benefit, mentioned that there is already a project, work and an investment 60 billion pesos exercisedas well as the obligation to use 100 thousand more and resources are available so that no more money will be used from the budget in the next two years.

Below the cons, the president-elect of Mexico said that it entails risks, because of the location of the work, because it is muddy ground, in addition, "even driving it, good, manage efficiently, honestly, it costs about 300 billion pesos and it would end up to 2024".

He added that if the current construction continues, the facilities of the Benito Juárez International Airport in Mexico City and the Air Force Base of Saint Lucia, in Zumpango, Mexico, and the former Lake Texcoco would disappear.

"It must be considered that the constructions that are made, the investments made in these two facilities no longer have adequate use, the urbanization of the land could be restored," 600 hectares of the current airport and three thousand of the St. Lucia military base, "but the two air installations are lost".

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