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The elected president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador attended the closure of ]] World Robotics First Global Challenge 2018, where he assured that his government will support the activities of science and technology, because it is the education of the future.

"We are to become President of the United States of Mexico and we are going to promote these activities a lot, this is the education of the future, this is what will allow us to carry out the changes that are needed in Mexico and the world. "

At the event in the Mexico City Arena, López Obrador Ricardo Salinas Pliego, president of Grupo Salinas and Esteban Moctezuma, accompanied the following secretary of education.

During his speech, the president-elect called for the use of clean energy and that this generation wastes non-renewable energy sources such as oil.

"We have to take care of non-renewable energies, fossil fuels, we have to inherit the new generations, oil and gas and do not waste ourselves, our generation, these resources, so innovation is so important and research continues, studying, working clean energy, sustainable alternatives such as wind energy, solar energy and another and that is very important, is a very important innovation.

López Obrador also asked the young assistants to return to their country with the conviction that they would Mexico have many friends and a home.

"I ask you to return to your countries with the conviction, with the idea that you have a home in Mexico and you have many friends in this great country, that they to do very well, it is my wish that they are very happy, and also my appreciation for the Mexican competitors for the place, the place they have acquired during these Olympic Games. & # 39;

At the closing ceremony, recognition was given to the first three places of the [Einstein Prize] which respectively corresponded with Germany, Mexico and Poland .

In his speech, the president of Grupo Salinas, Ricardo Salinas, thanked the president-elect who also works on Saturday and thanked all participants and organizers of the event.

"I am grateful that you have entrusted us with this wonderful event, it was difficult but it was a great challenge, it is an honor to have so many young people from so many foreign countries and a taste of what Mexico has been."


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