AMLO reminds Morena why they won; endorses its campaign obligations

Mexico City.- The president-elect of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, reminded Morena that it was the ideals, principles and congruence that made them win at the last elections of July 1st.

In the context of the Fifth National Congress of the party in Deportivo Reynosa, Azcapotzalco, the moral leader of the party has endorsed each of his commitments and ensured that in this age of sex an authentic democratic constitutional state will arise.

"If we always respect the ideals, the principles, there will be no deviations, what will happen to other political organizations that have put the personal, group interests forward, not the people and the nation will not happen to us."

He reiterated that there will be republican austerity, because there can not be a rich government with poor people, so that the order will be introduced and it will be a serious crime: the theft of the budget, without bail; the theft of petrol and energy; the emission or traffic of apocryphal or false invoices; and the electoral fraud in one of his modalities.

During his speech he assured that the transformation will be peaceful but profound, orderly but radical, because they have the preparation and disposition to carry out the mandate that the citizens gave them during the elections to make a real change. and to show that you can rule with the people, guarantee everyone the right to live with well-being and to be happy.

He said that he bet on alternation in 2000, but what happened was that he restored the regime and only made a simulation, the PRIAN, that caused more devastation.

So that in his government will stop corruption and impunity, combat inequality and poverty, and values ​​will be strengthened culturally, morally and spiritually.

Similarly, made the resignation of 50% of the budget corresponding to Morena by law, in order to be able to develop the financing of the also because the state budget can not remain in current expenditure.

"The budget is money from the people, you can have a sober government and make money for the country."

He remembered and quoted social movements and politicians who integrated peasants, workers, students, doctors, human rights defenders, from all regions, cultures, and social classes of the country, prior to this triumph which he now leads.

He thanked for the participation of militants and leaders of Brunette in neighborhoods, neighborhoods, housing units, states, regions & # 39; s.

Also for the action of those who have helped from the academy, in social networks, in journalism and who are part of different sectors, sexual preferences and in different religions, He stated that only by uniting unity in plurality, the election victory could be achieved.

"The transformation is to deliver good results to the people and not to deceive them." and because the people are the ones who rule, they are the ones who decide, for that the people are the sovereign. "

He recalled the promises he had made to the Mexican people, such as the double pension increase for the elderly, monthly support for a million poor disabled people, medical care and free medication, cancel the & # 39; falsely named & # 39 education reform, establishment of a hundred public universities I work as trainees with monthly 3600 pesos to 2 million 300 thousand young unemployed

Basic food basket to fight hunger, urban development actions in marginalized neighborhoods, Internet throughout the country; Free or open zone on the northern border, support for communities and mining towns, oil and gas production He said that in the middle of the sex year will stop buying gasoline abroad, no more gasolinazos along with anti-corruption officer of Justice and electoral prosecutor.

He explained that on 1 December a legal act will be sent for constitutional article 127, so that no official in the three powers can earn more than what the President of the Republic perceives. 19659003] Supports the decision to create a school for political education and to work with young people who are the new generations, provide what has been built, that there is no influence, corruption, nepotism, sectarianism or nepotism. He stressed that ideals, principles and congruence are required.

He also thanked the decision the party will take to give priority to the fourth transformation and to suspend the internal processes of election of leaders.

AMLO has announced that it will begin on 16 September with a tour of Mexico and repeat that it will be a traveling government, not only from the government palace.

invited the militants of Morena to be present at the Zócalo on December 1 "for not losing the habit," he said, and began building a new homeland.

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