Andropause occurs in men between 50 and 70 years old: IMSS

Healthy eating and regular exercise helps men aged 50 and over to reduce the symptoms of the disease. andropause which is characterized by decrease in the production of hormones as the testosterone which is reflected in hot flashes, lack of energy, reduced libido, mood swings and depression.

Miguel Escalante Pulido, head of the Endocrinology Service of the Specialties Hospital of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), said that just as women face menopause, andropause occurs in about 50 years in men and about 70 years oldup to 50% of men already have a dramatic decrease in this hormone.

He added that there are changes in the daily lifestyle, because men start to become less emotionally disturbed, take less sleep, muscle strength and height. "They are symptoms that are very similar to those of women," said the specialist.

In order to cope with this phase, he recommended switching to healthier lifestyles and not ceasing to control body weight, because the obesity factor has drastic consequences for the production of testosterone and as a result in the field of sexuality.

"It has been seen that obesity usually leads to a decrease in a protein that is being transported hormones and that makes testosterone much lower, which is why some obese patients usually have sexual dysfunction. But they lose weight and improve considerably. "

He also advised to keep a balanced diet from the age of 30 and train at least three times a week to assess the negative effects of andropause as the loss of muscle mass.


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