Another lynching in Hidalgo spreads in social networks

Save the marriage in Hidalgo; I wanted to lynch them


By circulating on board a lorry with foreign number plates, a marriage was closed by the police of the municipality of Chapulhuacan, which then had to evacuate them from the community preventively to prevent them from being attacked.

This, as neighbors of the community of Coyol, a city about 250 kilometers from the capital Hidalgo, began demanding that they appear before them to clarify why they were in the area.

According to preliminary information, the people, it was reported minutes later, are a marriage that supposedly sells toys and they were protected by the municipal authority in a police base.

However, via social networks some residents started to alarm & # 39; & # 39; that in the area a van with a & # 39; suspicious & # 39; attitude with foreign license plates traveled.

According to the Commissioner of the State Security Service, Uriel de Jesús Moreno Castro, people were evacuated by air in a preventive manner to prevent any aggression.

A day earlier, in the community of Santa Ana Ahuehuepan, in the municipality of Tula, a man and a woman of 50 and 40 years old were burned alive by residents who accused them of trying to steal a child from the city.

Police authorities have ruled out that a plagiarism report from a minor has been filed, which is why the office of the Attorney General of Hidalgo (PGJH) has initiated the corresponding research folder to clarify the double crime.

The & # 39; False News & # 39; that caused the lynches in Mexico

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