Armed group saves young man who has been checked by the police in Culiacán

Culiacán, Sin.- An armed group rescued from the hands of Police of the State Preventive a young man who was traveling on a motorcycle and who was under control and who had stripped his cargo of weapons and a radio communication to the agents, in the area of Botanical Park, in the bureaucratic colony of this city.

The branch president of Culiacán, Antonio Castañeda Verdugo He described as a serious neglect of the two agents, who are attached to the supervision of the Botanical Garden, where many families go to leisure and practice some sport.

He noted that this neglect could cost the life of the two elements, causing the driver of a motorcycle to be detected in a suspicious manner; When he was arrested for an inspection, several armed men appeared and rescued him.

The criminals stripped their weapons of war and radio communication equipment to the elements of the State Preventive and then fled.

As a result of this fact, one intensively operative in that area at University City, through elements of the preventive state, the military police, and the personnel of the marine secretariat, who managed to discover the place where the weapons were left behind.

the Ministry of Public Security He announced that on a wasteland, located in the Farmers corner with Ignacio López Rayón, in the Tierra Blanca colony, the three weapons of arms of the two policemen and their radio matra were lying.

It was announced that security was strengthened near the Botanical Garden, where hundreds of people come to walk or exercise every day, to determine who is responsible for the release of a detainee and the expropriation of the weapons of the police officers.

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