Army and navy will continue on the street: López Obrador

MEXICO CITY (APR) .- The army and the navy will take to the streets in internal public security duties, the elected president Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced.

At a press conference this morning, the future president of Mexico announced the decision of his next government to continue with the security policy that began in 2006, during the presidency of Felipe Calderón, to use the armed forces in security duties. audience.

This, after declaring that the fight against crime with soldiers and sailors is the only option to face "the bitter reality" that the country is facing and to address the problem of security and violence.

"I want to be so sincere: if we do not have the support of the army and the navy, we can not face the problem of insecurity, and in the current circumstances there is no alternative," he complained.

For the reasons, López Obrador admitted that it would be irresponsible to "remove marines and soldiers from the street, because it would keep Mexicans" defenseless "because the federal police" is not willing to replace them "in their duties.

"Realistically it was not possible to consolidate the federal police, there was no progress, I do not want to ask questions, but I have to report objectively," he said.

The former head of the government argued that, according to the opinion of the people, the state and the municipal police do not "fulfill their responsibility".

To his surprise, the elected president approached his government to pursue a gradual departure from these two troops, but acknowledged that it will be a process for the medium and long term and that it will materialize once a national guard is able to guarantee the peace and tranquility of the country. "

He even added that if the results were achieved later, a change in the legal framework could be sought, but he did not explain the subject in more detail.

"We have to solve the problem with what is most convenient, and there will be no change in current public security legislation as long as there are no results, let us work with the current legal framework," he said.

The tabasqueño claimed that his government will ensure that sailors and soldiers respect the human rights of the people and do not oppress them.

"We know it's a challenge to run the country in the current circumstances, but we're confident that if there's a real administration, we're going to deliver good accounts," he added.

Evaluate uncertainty with secretaries

On the other hand, Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that the meetings he had this week with the secretaries of the navy, Vidal Francisco Soberón Sanz, and Defensa Nacional, Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, had to make a direct diagnosis of the problem of insecurity, as well as the proposals of this to face it. However, he avoided mentioning the contents of proposed maps.

With regard to the appointment of the future holders of both units, he said that by mid-October he would have proposals for who would be able to perform that function. Although they are required to be generally active and of the highest rank, general or division or admiral.

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