Army asks mayor to explain the absence of weapons

The ninth military region, based in Acapulco, gave a 72-hour period to the mayor Evodio Velázquez Aguirre to explain the absence of 342 missing weapons from the 1,771 weapons registered in the town hall.

The Guerrero Coordination Group (GCG) reported via a statement that the respective complaints of the municipality's Public Security Department that can not be found should be submitted for theft or loss.

The security institutions that are part of the Guerrero Coordination Group distanced themselves from the designation made by the mayor to Max Lorenzo Sedano Romano, as secretary of the public safety of Acapulco.

"The general constitution of the republic and the political constitution of the state of Guerrero and the law of the free municipality stipulate that the appointment of those responsible for the municipal public security is a unique and irrevocable award of the branch president," statement.

Acapulco's tourist police, the only one that reinstates functions

Guerrero's coordination group indicated that he had informed Evodio Velázquez twice that admiral Max Lorenzo Sedano had not passed his control and reliability tests, but according to the mayor he omitted that information.

With regard to the missing weapon, Evodio Velázquez is obliged to justify or facilitate the return of weapons that were not found in the municipal police depot of Acapulco, according to the document.

The mayor of Acapulco signed the receipt of the entire armament.

End evaluation at the secretariat of the public safety of Acapulco

The meeting of the GCG was chaired by Governor Hector Astudillo Flores, who analyzed the safety actions by the relief of municipal authorities that will take place this Sunday in the 81 municipalities.

Moreover, the safety provided by the army to primary schools and the situation of public security in Acapulco, which, after the intervention operation in the municipal police by the GCG, reduced criminal incidents.

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