Army secures ranch in "El Tamarindo"

Culiacán.- Army elements held one person and grabbed arms and three trucks in an operation at the Santa Clara ranch, located 200 meters from Humaya's hydraulic channel, in the Villa Ángel Flores syndicate, known as El Tamarindo, reported State Secretary for Public Security of the State, Fermín Hernández Montealegre; From military sources, however, it turned out that Ismael Zambada Garcia, El Mayo Zambada, fled with some people in Ismael Zambada Garcia, El Mayo Zambada, minutes before the arrival of federal troops.

In this respect, the head of public state security said that they did not identify the people who fled the premises.

He explained that there are no elements to confirm that El Rancho Zambada was hidden on that farm.

The order indicated that until now only one person was in possession of an automatic rifle and three trucks of recent models, two armored, were secured.

Defeat the crime. In the last month, the Sinaloa cartel was the target of strong seizures of laboratories and drugs, especially in the municipalities of Culiacán and Badiraguato.

The navy reported yesterday that last week four clandestine narcolaboratories and a pick-up point were destroyed, in addition to securing nearly 26 tons of solid glass and 4,000 200 liters of liquid medicine, as well as chemical precursors and equipment.

On 17 August, in the village of Alcoyonqui, the largest narcolandatory of the Sinaloa organization was discovered by ship elements, in which 50 tons of glass was fixed in liquid and solid presentation.

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