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Governor Jaime Rodriguez, "El Bronco", will have the last word to endorse the gradual increase in urban transport tariffs approved yesterday by the Transport and Roads Council.

Although what was said before, the increase could be a reality.

"They'll have free Wi-Fi, so do not set off for some other actions we're going to do, what we need to do to provide them with a better service," the president said in late August, referring to the rise in the price of the Subway .

The advisers supported an increase in the immediate weight of the truck, with an increase of 50 cents every three months until reaching the 19.50 pesos, ie of 12 pesos that the usury pays, now it will Pay 13 pesos.

As far as the Metro is concerned, the Council agreed to the increase of one peso, from 4.50 pesos to 5.50, also with an increase of 50 cents per 3 months, because the goal would be to reach 9 pesos. in 2021.

It was also authorized to increase 1 peso the taxi fare and 1 peso for each hour of travel.

Rocío Montalvo, activist of the organization "Unite Pueblo", revealed that the vote for raising rates was a majority in the Council because it states that it consists of business people and officials who supported the turnout.

"You leave Jaime (governor) and remain the last increase, they have secured the increase for three years, the governor will have the last word and will have to bear the political costs, will have three days to decide"

– Rocío Montalvo,

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It was reported that of the 35 members of the State Council for Transport and Roads only two citizens, including Montalvo, as well as Coparmex, Caintra, Civic Council and municipalities such as Santa Catarina and San Pedro have voted against.

The increase must be ratified by the governor of the state within three days, and if so, it would take effect within a week.

The Secretary of the Government, Manuel González, felt that this increase is not aggressive for citizenship, and that it will take the proposal of the increase of the Council of State and the way to the state agent.

"As you will see, it is not an aggressive increase … I am going to take the position with the governor, we believe that this is a tariff that allows the balance between the service and the modernity of the service itself", said the civil servant.

They were looking for an increase of 16 pesos

The carrier, Abelardo Martinez, said the increase was too short, because he thought it should have been 16 pesos immediately, a proposal that was initially raised by the transport companies.

"Urban transport in Mexico is decapitalised, it is sick because it looks back, what at least 16 pesos in cash must be … and it is not enough", said Martinez.

Argument that the increase would be for users to emigrate to pay with the ticket exchange, it says it costs a lot to transport companies to process cash.

"We can no longer manage the money, it costs us a lot, we want to manage the card and all transactions take place by card," said the businessman.

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