Baby & # 39; s mother Tadeo dies, victim of an attack in Jalisco

The Department of Health of Jalisco, reported that Elizabeth de la Rosa, mother of Tadeo, the child who died from the acts of vandalism on 21 May, during the attack against the former secretary of Labor and Public Prosecutor of Jalisco, Luis Carlos Najera He died Monday afternoon in a hospital in Guadalajara.

According to a statement, Elizabeth died of injuries sustained in her body and seriously endangered her health.

On 21 May, after the attack on Jalisco's former secretary of employment and public prosecutor, Luis Carlos Najera, armed men set fire to the truck where Elizabeth and her eight-month-old son Tadeo were traveling, resulting in severe burns.

Tadeo died hours later.

Elizabeth was transferred to Galveston, Texas, to receive medical help and then returned to Guadalajara, where she died on Monday afternoon.

Delinquency in Jalisco transforms Tadeo's baptism into his funeral

On May 25, it was reported that the day of the attack, Elizabeth, 26 years old, Tadeo took to measure the suit he would use at his baptism

"We were already preparing, we had everything already, only a few purchases were missing, actually my lady did groceries on Monday, that day she took the child because I had to measure her things and everything, but I did not do it to go back to return home, I waited for them, in fact she called me and told me, now I see you, you wait for me at the bus stop, "said Carlos Alexis Velázquez, the father of Tadeo.

Tadeo's mother got on a truck to return home, but when they arrived at Avenida las Torres and Mariano Otero, in Guadalajara, armed men climbed into the unit and set it on fire.

It was a reprisal for the arrest of six people involved in the attack against the ex-prosecutor and now the labor minister of Jalisco, Luis Carlos Najera Gutiérrez de Velasco.

Nine people were injured in the fire, including Tadeo and his mother.

An evening before the death of baby Tadeo in Jalisco

With information from correspondents.


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