Balean for ministerial police in Metro Aragón

Balean suspected agent in the Metro Aragón

Balean suspected agent in the Metro Aragón. Picture: special


The federal ministerial policeman was injured yesterday afternoon at Aragón station on line 5 of the Metro collective transport system investigated criminal groups in transport when he was surprised by two men on a platform.

According to reports from the Auxiliary police, this agent came from the Pantitlán station after a trail for an investigation into criminal groups in the Metro.

Auxiliary police who were on the turnstiles heard an explosion and were warned that a person was bleeding on the platform, it was there when this man said that he had been attacked and found in his clothes a reference from the PGR that accredited him as an accredited ministerial agent, "said a police order consulted.

The Collective Transportation System reported that the events took place at about 12:40 and confirmed that the undercover item followed two subjects that noticed their presence and descended from the convoy that was photographed at chest height. The organization's security personnel immediately provided first aid the injured person, who was transferred to hospital Magdalena de las Salinas for treatment.

On board the ambulance, the injured took care of his generals and identified himself as active element of the company.

wood wool (08/30/2018) announced that in addition to the band dedicated to the theft with violence of portfolios, mobile phones and harassment of women, led by the ex-bank Christian Martinez López, The Torettothe bank police discovered three other groups that committed violations on Line 1 (Pino Suárez a Balderas); Line 2 (Chabacano to Hidalgo); line 3 (Hidalgo to Balderas).

The other identified criminal groups are The Panchos, The Julians and La Güera or La Vero.

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