Banxico launches a $ 500 bill, the first of the new family

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The Bank of Mexico (Banxico) has put the new 500 pesorota into circulation, the first of six of which the new family will exist.

"This new family has new and better standards in terms of safety and sustainability, and with iconographic elements that emphasize the country's historical identity and natural heritage," said central bank president Alejando Díaz de León.

During the presentation, explained that due to technological progress, security requirements, the wear and tear of paper currency in circulation or user needs, the families of tickets are regularly renewed.

He argued that, by having a new banknote family, Banxico will face various challenges and will benefit from new technologies that enable better security measures, making them more difficult to replicate.

At the same time, the identification elements will facilitate their authenticity by users, including people with visual weakness and blindness, and extend their useful life with the latest generation of materials.

He explained that they will emphasize the historical, cultural and natural heritage of the country, through images representing the most important stages and events of our history, as well as the varied natural wealth.

This time it was the turn of the 500 pesos, in which now the Benemérito de las Américas, Benito Juarez, appears instead of the muralist Diego Rivera and the painter Frida Kahlo.

Goodbye to the 20 pesos. The director of Issuance of Banxico, Alejandro Alegre, said that because the new 500 pesorota Benito Juárez appears, and not to be confused with the 20 pesos that is plastic, will be bigger and cotton. According to the plan, the denomination of 20 pesos will disappear.

There may be one of two thousand pesos. It is also the intention that there will be an account of two thousand pesos if necessary. In the Banxico plan it is announced that if this is the case, the essayist, poet and diplomat, Octavio Paz, and the writer and diplomat Rosario Castellanos would appear in the play.

It is also planned to replace the thousand pesos, which was put into circulation in April 2006; the father of the country, Miguel Hidalgo, will be fired and the statue of Francisco I. Madero will be introduced together with two revolutionary women: Hermila Galindo and Carmen Serdán.

Alejandro Alegre announced that a private bank has leaked the image of the new 500 peso bill because it is given to them before they adapt their systems.

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