Bimbo employee steals product to the elderly

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A video generates anger on social networks. In it you can see how a Bimbo employee steal a product elderly going to a supermarket.

In the video the old man checks a ticket while the Bimbo dealer explains what he is charging, and even ensures that he makes a discount "just because he is you".

While I say the above, the deliverer, who puts the product on the shelves, Take some packages and keep them on his shirt, making use of the old man who goes to the back of the counter.

The employee of Bimbo insists that he gives a discount "because it is you, because you are a distinguishing customer", and ends with saying "what happened to the boss, you see, I no longer believe, what is there happened ".

The video already contains more than 30,000 reproductions and has been replicated by various accounts. Presumably the store is located in the Coyoacán delegation in Mexico City.

Bimbo rejects employee

Grupo Bimbo informed that the deliverer was already discharged and made available to the authorities.

"The person in the video has been dismissed from the company and made available to the authorities and the corresponding legal actions are currently being carried out," he reported.

The company confirmed that in Grupo Bimbo they "totally reject this type of behavior, which does not at all reflect our values ​​and violates our global integrity policy".

"We deeply regret this and repeat that in Grupo Bimbo we accept and accept this kind of behavior from none of our employees," the company repeated.


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