Blocked taxi drivers in Ecatepec; ask an audience with Governor Alfredo del Mazo

Ecatepec, Mex. Carriers of the line Colectivos Melchor Múzquiz (Secomm) They block Central Avenue and the Lopez Portillo road, in rejection of operations carried out by the Ministry of Mobility.

Dozens of taxi drivers with their units were posted on these roads with the intention of on march to the city of Toluca, to ask an audience at the Governor Alfredo del Mazo Maza.

The demonstrators blocked Central Avenue at the height of the metro station Nezahualcóyotl, in Nezahualcóyotl, although they later opened a lane for car traffic.

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On the road López Portillo, The demonstrators concentrated at the beginning of this road, at the intersection with Avenida Insurgentes, at the height of the Ecatepec station on line 2 of the Mexibús.

La mobilization of the members of the Secomm, whose leader is Martín Soto, provoked serious traffic congestion on the roads mentioned above, who are the main artefacts that Ecatepec communicates with other municipalities, so administrators were looking for alternatives.

"March to Toluca, Mr. Governor public ", They say legends in glass cabs.

This organization requires the Ministry of Mobility stop the operations against the public transport units.

The government of the state of Mexico has announced that it will order the public transport of the entity and withdraw the units that circulate irregularly, although transport organizations are exerting pressure with interruptions and blockades to prevent such reordering from continuing.

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