Buren will release the Las Americas stand in protest against interest rate hikes in the Circuito Exterior Mexiquense

ECATEPEC, Edomex. (apro) .- Neighbors of the subdivision of Las Americas, and of the districts of San Cristóbal and Luis Donaldo Colosio, in this municipality, have this morning built the 11 toll booths of the state of Las Americas for two hours to make the crossing possible without payment of the motorists, in protest of the new increase of the rates of the Mexiquense Exterior Circuit.

The inhabitants pointed out that this motorway concession to the Spanish OHL is one of the most expensive roads in the country and the world; traveling the nearly 110 kilometers of the 31 houses translates into a payment of more than a thousand pesos.

Nevertheless, the road registers deterioration of the asphalt: the subsidence in the area causes continuous traffic accidents; there is no sanitation or petrol stations on the route, nor lighting and in different sections, such as those in Texcoco-Ixtapaluca, there are continual attacks against transporters and private motorists.

This second toll increase in the Mexiquense outdoor circuit goes from 5 to 10%. Only in the part of Las Americas are the costs 55 pesos per vehicle (previously 52 pesos by car).

The protest of about 300 demonstrators was led by Héctor Gutiérrez Cureño, leader of the Las Américas Foundation, and the local deputies elected by Morena Azucena Cisneros Coss and Faustino de la Cruz Pérez, who accused the complicity of former governors Arturo Montiel, Enrique Peña , Eruviel Ávila and the current president, Alfredo del Mazo Maza, to favor and protect the company accused of offering bribes in exchange for concessions.

They also announced that they will review the alleged compensation for owners of homes in Ecatepec and ejidatarios of Tultepec who demand payment of compensation for their property and property as a result of crossing the motorway and daily car traffic.

"To young people who have just turned 18, we are giving them the news that they are exempt from the toll at the OHL concessions until they are 63," complained Cisneros Coss.

Faustino de la Cruz Pérez, loco-elect of the 21st district – also by Morena, expected the new bank, in addition to reviewing the concessions (which he described as succulent companies of companies associated with the Atlacomulco group and President Enrique Peña Nieto), will try to undo the legislative changes of the last days.

Among them, he called for the approval of the restructuring of the national debt for more than 43 billion pesos and the conversion of the pensions of the Mexican bureaucracy in Afores.

The demonstrators were helped with banners that warned: "Free circulation and non-collection", "OHL, synonymous with corruption" and "No more charges in cabins", among other slogans.

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