By eating shepherd's taco's you are polluting the planet

MEXICO CITY – Eliminating the use of strawberries to protect the environment seems to have acceptance among the population. But how happy are you in the country? stop eating taco's already pastor or barbecue?

Every Mexican has one CO2 footprint of 760 kilograms of CO2 per year, making the country the 50th most polluting place for its food.

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Someone who eats an average of 2,600 kilocalories per day, has a footprint of 2.5 tons of CO2, with a general consumption of meat, dairy products, seeds, fruit, vegetables and beverages.

The food that generates the most emissions is the sheep, for a kilo of meat it produces 39.2 kilos of CO2, which corresponds to the emissions of driving a return car from Mexico City to Cuernavaca.

Lover, beef, pig, chicken or fish meat enthusiasts increase their ecological footprint to 3.3 tons of CO2 per year.

The vegetarian and the vegan contributes 1.7 and 1.5 tons, in each case. Argentina is the number one of the 130 countries analyzed for the contamination of food consumed by the population, by 2.1 tonnes, according to the index of CO2 emissions per country of NU3 (food specialist).

News anchor says that the taco & # 39; s are not Mexican

The American presenter of the chain, Fox, Tucker Carlson confirmed in an interview with the presenter of the Univision chain, Enrique Acevedo, that the taco's came from the United States and not Mexicans.

Carlson Tucker talked about his nightly program about the controversy that photos of Attorney General Jeff Sessions had raised after eating at a Mexican restaurant called El Tiempo. In social networks, a large number of users criticized the double standard of the Attorney General for eating Mexican food, defending the immigration policy of the Trump government, which particularly attacked the Latino community and the construction of a border wall between Mexico and the United States promotes. .

The Univision reporter explained that Sessions' attitude towards eating Mexican food and persecuting the Latino community is contradictory for many users who criticized this position. Before these affirmations, the American journalist returned to say, "What do you mean by Mexican food? It's American food."You do not adjust my culture, I'm from San Diego. These are my taco's, mine, "the driver said categorically.

With information from El Financiero and Periódico AM.

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