Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación supports La Unión in CDMX; They went tr

Authorities revealed that the target of the bullet attack last Friday in a beer and food business Garibaldi that left five dead, was the leader of the Antiunion Force criminal group, Jorge Flores Concha, El Tortas.

According to Millennium, authorities of the National Security Cabinet confirmed that the aggressors were members of the criminal organization of the Union of Tepito.

They also pointed out that the Jalisco Cartel New Generation (CJNG) supports The Union for the distribution and sale of medicines, mainly from cocaine, in Mexico City.

The assassins, who were on board motorcycles and used weapons of high caliber, received the whistle that El Tortas was in the company in Honduras and Callejon de la Amargura, the perimeter of the tourist corridor of Garibaldi, they detailed.

So far it is unknown Shell Flowers he was in the place or they told him they were preparing an attack against him and he did not arrive
"Both the leader of Fuerza Antiunión and La Unión de Tepito have their counter-intelligence services, which is a fact that the murderers received information that they would be in that place," they said.

They reported that "there are people in the vicinity of El Tortas" among the victims.
David García Hernández, El Pistache and another nickname El Tiger, They arose in the command structure of the criminal organization of La Unión de Tepito, after the arrest of their leader, Roberto Moyado, alias El Betito, according to intelligence reports.

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