Cessna plane collapses in Durango

Three people survived a spectacular plane crash from a Cessna model plane that landed in the Canelas community of Durango.

On the afternoon of Sunday, a model airplane from Cessna 206 crashed near the town of El Zapote, belonging to the municipality of Canelas, Durango.

According to The sun of DurangoIn addition, in the pilot and two passengers who survived the voyage, they were transferred to Culiacan for immediate medical assistance.

According to the first reports, Rumualdo Angulo, the pilot is injured and has a fracture in one of his legs, but he is stable.

Residents of the city of El Zapote warned the authorities when they heard the impact.

According to local newspapers, the model left Cessna C-206 aircraft, license plate XB.PBV, the municipality of Topia for Tamazula, but shortly after take-off the errors occurred.

On July 31 a company plane Aeroméxico He collapsed on the runway of the Guadalupe Victoria International Airport in Durango. No deaths were reported and several passengers took their own feet off the plane.

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