Chiapaneca woman has triplets in her sixth pregnancy


In Ocozocoautla, employees of the Rural Hospital 31 of the IMSS-Prospera program were present the birth of triplets of 36 weeks gestation, which are completely healthy.

The triplets are the results of one sixth pregnancy and in the next few days they could be fired to meet their other three sisters and two brothers, in Ocosingo.

Your parents, Graciela Díaz Pérez, 28 years old and Javier Rodríguez Sántiz, 26 years old, come from the community of Chamizal, municipality of Ocosingo, in the Selva region of Chiapas and were taught to be triplets, referred to the rural hospital of the IMSS to perform the Caesarean section.

Jorge Luis Coello Ortiz, director of the Rural Hospital, reported that On August 20, Graciela was received from the Community Basic Hospital of the State Health Department at Ocosingo to schedule her surgery on the 22nd..

He explained that meThe intervention was complex, because Graciela has an unusual blood group, O negative; in addition, the babies showed a single placenta.

Quadruplets are born in Monterrey; there are three boys and a girl

Thanks to the collaboration with the State Blood Bank it was possible to obtain blood packages that were compatible with the blood group of the patient, in order to provide for their possible transfusion in case of emergency; However, their use was not necessary, since Blood loss was no more than usual in these types of procedures, IMSS said in a statement.

José Luis Hernández Macías, a specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics in the rural hospital who intervened with Graciela, said that This is the first multiple delivery that is attended in the hospital and has taken place without complications.

The three girls were born healthy, weighing 2.1, 2.3 and 2.4 kilograms, and they were assisted by the specialists to do somatometry tests, that is, to verify their weight and height. It was specified that the use of intensive care was not necessary and now the baby's development is being evaluated, outside the womb of the mother.


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