Cofepris warnings for the sale of illegal products from "Lion & # 39; s International"

MEXICO CITY (APR) .- The federal commission for protection against sanitation (Cofepris) has published a list of illegal products sold via the internet via the Facebook profile "Lion & # 39; s International", a marketer who has a fraudulent address.

These products try to imitate others who already have a sanitary license, the agency warns in a statement.

According to the investigation, the address San Lázaro 26, Zona Centro, Distrito Federal, was mentioned on the product label, so the health authority did the verification visit at the previous location without finding proof of manufacture or product marketing.

In this way, the hygienic conditions in which these inputs are produced are unknown, Cofepris explained.

The products are as follows: Scottish. B GSS, X Ray Dol, Flanaax, Chia Nutritional Supplement, Collagen, Colageine, Premium Hydrolyzed Collagen and Eleven Fiber Artichoke Tablets.

The Cofepris have stated that the products that "Lion & # 39; s International" publish and commercialize are not authorized, which is why the harmlessness, safety, quality and effectiveness of use are not guaranteed.

According to the cooperation agreements between Cofepris and Facebook, it was decided to cancel this profile. "This federal commission will continue to implement sanitary control measures to suspend misleading advertising and commercialize products that may pose a risk to consumers by not allowing security measures such as insurance and suspension of establishments."

Similarly, he pointed out that because they are products without sanitary registration, they should not be commercialized or distributed by parcel and courier services with national or international services; otherwise they are entitled to the administrative sanctions that result from this, which may amount to more than one million pesos for violating the current sanitary conditions.

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