Commando attacking the police in Acapulco, Guerrero, hid in a municipal pantheon

Chilpancingo.- Armed men they ambushed for a group of the State police the early morning of this Monday in the city ​​of La Venta in Acapulco, Guerrero; Five agents were injured.

According to the police report, around the 1:00 in the morning a group of the Disputable state police I took a street tour Juan R. Escudero, away from La Venta, were attacked by shots for a command.

They remained in the attack five injured agents, Amongst them a woman

According to the report, the attackers were hidden in the pantheon of the city.

The wounded were transferred to different hospitals to receive medical assistance.

One of the agents received one collision on the back, another on the right leg, another on the right side of the chest and another on the left leg; while the fifth one received one shot to the left.

The five agents were reported as stable and out of danger.

According to the authorities, an operational search of the aggressors.


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