Dead student who resisted abuse of public transport in Metepec

This morning a student was killed by a bullet during one attack on a truck with public transportthe robbery took place while the unit was in motion Metepec towards the Mexican capital.

The first reports of police elements refer to around 06:30 in the morning, three armed men went aboard the unit, at the height of the Infonavit San Francisco colony in Metepec.

On the way, they threatened passengers detonating their weapons if they did not deliver their belongings.

However, the young student reportedly of the Millenium University, He resisted the attack and the criminals shot him down.


According to the reports, the victim went to his house; the attack took place in the streets of the Alamos district

He resists an attack and stabs him in Benito JuárezHe resists an attack and stabs him in Benito Juárez

Presumably the driver of the unit with economic number 19 of the company Colon Nacional tried to transfer him to a clinic to get medical help.

However, he died just after arrival at the intersection between the Cinco de Mayo and Las Torres roads, between the Mexican capital and Metepec.

To the place, emergency services came to try to help the victims, but there was nothing to do and elements of the directorate of civil security of Toluca, as well as the state and ministerial police presence.

Later the Forensic Medical Service (SEMEFO) arrived to carry out the corresponding procedures.

The passengers point out that the young man tried to defend himself against the criminals, but one of them started his weapon and fled the scene.


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