Delegation asked to remove ambulantes from Calzada de Tlalpan: Amieva

The head of government, José Ramón Amieva, He assured the delegation Benito Juarez asked to withdraw the traders street of the Calzada de Tlalpan.

He explained that reasons who had the border asking for the retreat was because of it posts they were in an area where trade was being driven public road is not allowed.

however, Amieva He noticed that will talk with the expelled street traders to give them "Adequate options".

"It was a request, we acted in collaboration and at the request of the Benito Juarez delegation, the operation was carried out in a way that was met with technical and security scopes to remove metal structures that occupy this area of ​​Benito Juarez," he said. entevista.

"Now I have instructed the Minister of Foreign Affairs to assist the people together with the deputy and we can generate sufficient options for this", he added.

Amieva warned that the work would keep the street free of traveling traffic and indicated that the zones of Axis 1 North and the middle zone of the capital would be analyzed, so that the allocated spaces would be respected.

"It is a security problem, vehicles have to travel, people sometimes can not walk on the sidewalks," he said.

He stressed that the census of traders on the public highway is maintained by the secretariat of the city government and continues to support C5's cameras to keep track of where they are.

"What we do is just to generate that there is trade that is informally mentioned in the designated spaces and that can not get further into the public space." The guarantee that is given is that the government will always receive them with delegation authorities to listen to them, "he concluded.

This morning about 200 stalls in the Calzada de Tlapan, at the height of Santa Cruz Street, near the metro station Portales, were cleared by the capital police.

According to the traders, they were never informed of the fact that their source of employment would be taken away from them and they accused them that so far no dialogue with any authority has taken place.


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