Denies Clouthier by coordinating coordinating delegates

Mexico City- Tatiana Clouthier excluded from the search for the coordination of Morena's deputies and expressed her support for Mario Delgado to take that responsibility.

In an interview, the elected delegate explained that she decided not to accept Andrés Manuel López Obrado's offer to take part in her government as a non-commissioned officer of the Interior because she favored her family life.

Clouthier said that by such a decision he would not seek the parliamentary coordination of what the majority group in the lower house will be, which will be determined in a plenary meeting next Monday.

"I am interested in the coordinator who is the best coordinator and I think we have an excellent option with Mario Delgado, I will be with anyone, but I would love Mario," said Clouthier.

He argued that he should see how Delgado developed as a senator and the good role he played in the presidential campaign.

"I had to see how it developed during the campaign, it was a big support, it was a big pillar in the communication campaign, in terms of strategy and in terms of speech and is a competent man, well educated, prepared, able to weave and to allow the comrades to join ", argued the chosen deputy and former coordinator of the campaign López Obrador.

Clouthier emphasized the experience of working with Delgado and Martí Batres, who was proposed to preside over the presidency of the Senate.

"The truth is that I had a very good experience with the work, the team that was able to form a spokesman was excellent and I was left with a pleasant taste of the results that Mario gave," Clouthier said.

He said that his support for Delgado should not be seen as a line and asked that there were no misplaced interpretations.

He clarified that he decided not to take on the under-secretariat of citizen participation, participatory democracy and civil organizations from the Ministry of the Interior, because he had to move his house and family to Mexico City, which he did not find the most convenient.

"At the moment I have personal commitments to come home and when I say that personal obligations are, that I have children in times when their mother has to take care of them.

"As a substitute, I have to see my children at home three days a week, it does not force me to take them to a new city, it is not easy and it forced them to change their lifestyle, which I do not find convenient at this time for nobody, "he said.

She emphasized that she needs two years to get her son for her and that when high school is over, she will be ready to make other decisions.

"At the moment my husband is pulling, but I can not just move my children, if I have no family life, I can not create a public life, if I want a political future, I need a family future, because if I do not want to be alone "Making a homeland, like mushroom on the streets, I have to have the strength to have the strength to do the rest, I think that's the most important thing," he explained.

Tatiana Clouthier denied problems with Andrés Manuel López Obrador and therefore decided to refuse her offer.

"I have no problem with Andrés Manuel, on the contrary, I am determined to keep working so that things happen, I am committed to the fourth transformation, to implement the reforms we have proposed and promoted throughout the campaign, and we go where I have to serve ", he added.

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