Denies the arrest warrant of Paisano against him

After he had ensured that he would end his administration for San Andrés Cholula, the mayor, Leoncio Paisano Arias, came to his defense and described the accusations of money laundering and the management of sources of illegal origin as incorrect.

Last Monday, a document was distributed in which, according to reports, the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) issued an arrest warrant against Paisano Arias for money laundering and the treatment of illicit proceeds for an amount of 115 million 654 thousand pesos.

During a press conference, the mayor denied that the PGR had an arrest warrant against him and stated that the scattered document was an extortion by a media outlet.

He explained that last Saturday he received a phone call from a character he did not mention, but asked for a sum of money to not reveal the news.

He revealed that he had a copy of the documents sent by message, so he verified the documentation, which he said was not real. Later he filed the complaint with the special prosecutor for High Impact Kidnappings and Crimes (Fisdai), where the research folder CDI / 254/2018 / FISDAI was integrated for extortion.

With regard to the alleged investigations carried out by the PGR, the Mayor said that the documents displayed in journalistic notes are false because they are not required by any authority.

He assured that all the resources handled by the City Council were applied according to the law, so he added that this information caused him moral and psychological damage, not only to him, but also to his family, and he warned that he would last days will act. effects.

"I did not explain on Monday (yesterday) because, because I provided evidence for the Public Prosecution Service, where I filed the complaint, I can not go any further because there is an investigation, some media have assessed me without research and have done a lot of damage "said the mayor.

"I will work in the government of San Andres Cholula, until the last day of my government, without doubt the results are there, at the moment, of course this will be clarified, as I said is the prosecutor's office, and they at the time They will announce the results of their research. "

Finally, Paisano Arias said that he had nothing to hide and good results for the citizens.


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