Destroy 4 drug labs in Sinaloa

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The Naval Navy Secretariat of Mexico has established and destroyed four narco-laboratories and a departure point in Cosalá and Culiacán, Sinaloa, assuming that a large quantity of synthetic drugs has been manufactured and where the Sinaloa cartel is active. children of Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán.

The destruction of the narcolabora- tories took place yesterday, and they contained about 26 tons of crystal and 4,000 200 liters of the same drug in the liquid state, chemical precursors, equipment and material used to elaborate it.

The agency stressed that the location of these places was derived from technical intelligence work where it was aware that there were branches in the towns around Culiacán dedicated to the production of crystal.

In various operations with ground and air units, the personnel of the Marine Corps secured the four clandestine narcolaboratories and a pick-up point.

The first two narcolaboratories and the embarkation point were in the northwest of Culiacán and they were about five tons and four thousand 200 liters of crystal.

In Cosalá there were two narcolaboratories where approximately 21 tons of crystal was found.

The drug was destroyed by burning – just like the chemical precursors, materials and equipment that were found – in place, because of the difficulty of accessing these areas.

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