Destroy the IMPI products "pirate"

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The Mexican Institute for Industrial Property (IMPI) carried out the destruction of 4.6 million apocryphal and illegal products that the agency confiscated.

In law, the director of IMPI, Miguel Ángel Margáin, stated that with this destruction they are adding more than 10 million illegal products destroyed in this administration, including toys, battery chargers, colors, rakes, watches, dolls, pens, cigar boxes , paint articles, plastic molds, hearing aids, food supplements and 27 kilos of a patented substance.

In the framework of the Third Destruction of Insured Goods of the IMPI, he indicated that 95 percent of the products had been insured by the agency in the various customs offices in the country.

"We must be aware of the serious consequences that the piracy, contraband and unfair competition, which affect public finances and employment, among other things ", he emphasized.

During the event, Ana López, director of the American Chamber of Commerce, said that the piracy causes a loss of 43 billion pesos per year for the formal economy, apart from the associated costs, such as the value of the seizures.

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