Detect 20 false policemen in Tehuacán-Reform – 23-08-2018

After Puebla's Public Security Secretariat (SSP) was fired from its duties, it discovered 20 "false" police officers in Tehuacán.

Jesus Morales, Minister of Security at Puebla, said that at the moment, of the 205 uniformed respondents, 20 did not have documentation that accredited them as part of the company.

"We have 20 people who do not prove their sustainability as a municipal police, 20 people who are currently taking over positions," he said at a press conference.

In that sense, Morales said that, despite the operation, 113 police officers were unable to settle and that, moreover, the police commanders were not found, called by means of transactions.

The secretary explained that another irregularity of the Tehuacán police is that the Tehuacán emergency and immediate response center is not connected to the C5.

"There were two emergency numbers and the messages from the police were given based on the decision someone would take (…) in a discretionary way"

The Ministry of Public Security reported that this action is aimed at excluding its relationship with criminal activities.

After the aid to the municipal elements, 13 people were arrested, two of whom were of Colombian origin, and five vehicles recovered with theft report.

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