Do not be alarmed! There will be a test of Seismic Alert speakers in CDMX today

The authorities of Mexico City continue to work on the optimization of the Seismic Alert system and the hundreds of speakers it consists of, after reporting a Huge failure during a recent earthquake. According to the head of the government of Mexico City, José Ramón Amieva, these speakers are in repair, because some are outdated and others are destroyed.

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It will be at noon today. that the test system is activated with the sound that already distinguishes itself and that is totally different from the sound that gives the real seismic warning, at least if you hear that the speakers are activated, do not be alarmed, it is only a sound test.

According to Chilango there will be a total of 832 speakers who are being watched. Some of them were reported who did not sound so much in the tests or in the September 19 simulation, so they will check if they work perfectly or, if they show errors, correct them as quickly as possible.

On September 3, we heard in the loudspeaker a voice that said "audio test 1, 2, 3" as part of the repairs to the speakers that emit the seismic warning.

According to information from C5, general tests will be applied on the first Monday of each month. So you have been warned, remember that the sound in the speaker tests is different from the seismic alarm.

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