El Cida organizes narcotics blocks in Acapulco after operations, states the state government

CHILPANCINGO (proceso.com.mx) .- Residents of the city of La Venta, blocked for more than six hours the main access to the port of Acapulco in protest by the operations of the state police and the army in the agglomeration of the main tourist destination of the entity.

In response, the Hector Astudillo Flores government described the demonstration as "a narco blockade" organized by Marcos Parra de Jesus El Panadero, designated by the authorities as alleged leader of the independent cartel of Acapulco (Cida).

Official reports indicate that at 12:27 am at least 150 people under the guidance of the popular high school teacher Julio César Nava Galicia were gathered by an armed group at the courts to force them to revolt against the government & # 39; 39 ;, according to the statement. state government.

Then, around 1:19 am, protestants began sending messages to the state police to the Mexico – Acapulco federal highway and blocked the federal route that is the main access to the resort.

"It should be noted that his attitude is a rejection, caused by the criminal cell of Marcos Parra de Jesús The Baker of the CIDA, derived from the operations and detentions that the State Police carried out in that city ", confirms the statement of the state government.

In this context, the authorities recalled that it was not until Monday, 20, that an armed group attacked the state police, wounding five uniformed men.

In response, state police and soldiers have carried out operations this week that caused the blockade in the northern part of the port of Acapulco, which caused chaos and direct consequences for tourists and residents.

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