Elements of the SSP stop Bimbo deliverer for theft to save

CDMX. In addition to being stopped by business robbery, the deliveryman of Bimbo is signaled by Sexual harassment of the daughter, 14 years old, from the seller of the supermarket.

This Tuesday a video from which the employee of the company that kept products in his vest while the store owner, an older adult, he paid for the merchandise.

the Secretariat of the public security of Mexico City (SSPCDMX) indicated that this happened in the street Francisco García in the Juan Escutia colony, Iztapalapa delegation.

Watch the video: Bimbo and Marinela employee caught in possible big theft in his shop

the seller, 76 years old of age, requested the support of one patrol of the Oasis sector to understand it 38-year-old deliveryman.

Except that he accused him business theft, the dealer he told the agents that it man harassed sexually for his underage daughter.

For this reason the uniformed officers arrested the deliveryman and transferred him to the Territorial coordination Iztapalapa- 6.


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