Emilio Gamboa says he will continue in politics

the Coordinator of the PRI in the Senate, Emilio Gamboa PatrónHe said that will continue with political activities "Always help my country."

A week after the end of the 63rd legislative power, in which he was the coordinator of PRI senators, Senator Gamboa Patrón asked the journalists to go to the trench where he will be next, he said:

"I bet Mexico will do well, that's my guess and I ask that we all do our best, so that Mexico can do it well."

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Then he was asked if he would withdraw from the policy, whereupon he said: "If a politician works 45 years, he never retires and my passion is to serve people".

He also noted that "lI wish the lawyer Andrés Manuel López Obrador, already the next President of Mexico, every success", and also wanted" good luck "with the next 64 legislative powers that begin on September 1st.

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