Enrique Peña Nieto takes stock of his administration

President Enrique Peña Nieto takes stock of his administration, recognizes that there are issues that have failed and in which he could not intervene and recognizes the erosion of his government through government decisions.

Peña Nieto recognizes that Andrés Manuel López Obrador likes him; "I did not know, the only two times that I had seen it was in the debates, but I liked it, it's clear that we have different opinions, but I'm also convinced that the person who arrives comes with the conviction of serving the country ".

About the release of Elba Esther Gordillo, says that "it is attributed to the executive power what the Ministry of Justice decides, but it corresponds to the judiciary that determination, the lawyer provided the new elements, but the judiciary adjusted the new criteria and the court decides that these documents can only be provided with the permission of a judge. "

He says he has differences "with the teacher, with a person whom I have treated institutionally, but we have found a vision in the field of education, but that has nothing to do with the accusation with evidence provided by the union itself and by the secretariat of hacienda ".

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Finally, she defends: "I did not answer, stop her, keep her in jail or free her, I had nothing to do, I discovered when she was released, they expect the president to have all the information, but that is not the case ".

On the defeat of his party in the elections, he confirms that he has consumed the defeat with adulthood, with the wisdom that there are never victories or losers. It is clear that the leadership that was achieved by being elected as president is certainly the same as what the previous government saw about me; now we see an unfavorable wave, but we have to admit that people join another wave ".

For this phenomenon he warns "two reasons, the first: in the world there is a decline of traditional political expressions, in this election not only lost the PRI, but the traditional parties.The second is" the wear and tear of the exercise of government When you make deep changes, you generate wear and tear, such as the rise in the price of gasoline, which is an unpopular decision, but it had to be taken just like other decisions that involved loss of support. "

Regarding security, we recognize that "when we started we had more performance, but the trend is reversed: from half of the sex year to now we postulate more coordination, but half of the administration changes governments in most countries and that This was not possible, the diagnosis remains the same, we have a clear idea of ​​how the criminal groups work, the diagnosis was correct, the effort was correct, but insufficient, no laws were adopted, it was not coordinated with state governments, but I do not spread the debt. & # 39;

He notes that "organized crime continues to grow, the drug consumption market is still in high demand, Mexico is still a transit country." I have always believed that for the security strategy to succeed we should have more investment, but we had no margin ".

Moreover, President Enrique Peña Nieto is aware that the issue of corruption became very important during the campaign of the candidates for the presidency in this year's elections. In an interview before 10 am, with Denise Maerker, she points out that there is "institutional reinforcement to really create a legal framework that allows or actually contributes to closing rooms for corruption."

Although efforts to reverse the perception of corruption surrounding the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) are being warned: "I have never underestimated the subject … I have given it sufficient importance and relevance."

Peña Nieto assumes that "the efforts, which is still the precedent for the fight against corruption, which I believe it was here to stay, was insufficient to change this perception".

About the ex-governors César Duarte, Javier Duarte and Roberto Borge, who Peña Nieto himself called as an image of the New PRI, Enrique Peña Nieto analyzes six years later that it is not his job to "speak for someone." Yes it is where, they had fallen stigmatized, they were rulers who came in, I warned that this was the new face of the PRI, with a new generation that was going to exercise this responsibility and that was part of the transformation that the PRI went through, but since signs of people within the party, there were also other political parties, I believe that no one has escaped any political expression, no, I also believe that we live in an era where every time that accompanies us is transparency, because we are authentic I believe that what we do, what we do and more we have or are public figures is respected, and I think that today are social networks because they show you what you do, how you do it and how good! From there, many assumptions and statements are also fair without support and without any support. "

On the other side of the scale, the president believes that structural reforms have been his greatest success, "the realization of the changes that Mexico had diagnosed, the need to make substantial constitutional legal changes in the energy sector, telecommunications, education. , competition issues, in business, which was not possible, for me this is the most important legacy, because the maturing of these reforms will lead to greater economic growth, giving Mexicans more opportunities. "

According to his data, the president said that Mexico would receive "direct foreign investment like never before." In the first half of 2018, more than $ 17 billion came, which cumulatively up to now generated $ 192 billion, which is not an unimportant issue, because it seems like the world is watching us. & # 39;

Another important fact, he says, is "generating jobs." We reach 3.7 million jobs, more than the jobs generated in the last two administrations, becoming the sixth most important tourist destination in the world. the capacity of our ports The number of users of commercial aviation has grown by 60 percent You have an airport project that is in the debate and the controversy, but this government has decided to build what will be the third largest airport … "

He admits that he is at a point where it is not his responsibility to determine whether the project continues as it was proposed, but he states: "I will defend the project of a work in progress," as he assures, "I defended it [frente a Andrés Manuel López Obrador] and I shared my conviction. "

It is assumed that one of the errors "has not been declared, in my opinion, is sufficient, the errors or points that have been made in different subjects".

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