Executed in CDMX Citizen Consultation on Participatory Budgeting 2019

CDMX.- At 9 o'clock on this Sunday he started in the capital of the country Citizens' meeting on participative budgeting 2019, in which the capital will vote In which project the budget is spent that will circle & # 39 ;.

In this opinion exerciseorganized by the Electoral Institute of Mexico City (IECM), which is carried out in the 16 territorial demarcation lines, Two thousand 562 Opinion Reception Tables are installed (MRO), the location of which can be consulted on the website of the Electoral Institute of Mexico City (IECM) www.iecm.mx

Together with this civilian day, the main polling stations carry out the second edition of the Consultation for children and adolescents 2018, in which this important sector of the population can express their opinion by means of drawings or sentences about the problems and problems that affect them in the place where they live.

The 660 Expression Receiving Tables in which children between the ages of 6 and 17 can express their concerns were installed in public areas such as the Papalote Museo del Niño, Six Flags, the National Center for the Arts and the Cultural Center. Futurama and in some private houses and schools.

The participation budget. corresponding to three percent of the annual budget of each territorial boundary, should be evenly distributed among the more than a thousand 800 colonies and indigenous peoples of Mexico City in specific projects of works and actions proposed and defined by the neighbors.

By 2019, the total amount of the participation budget for the 16 demarcations will amount to approximately one billion pesos.

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