Exposed photo's of half-naked woman in University City

Students of the School of Accounting and Administration They reported that on campus University city a photo session was held in which a half-naked woman appears and poses in sexual attitudes in the vicinity of The islands, for the Central library.

It consists of eight photographs made during the day that a woman posing in her underwear appears in the area known as The islands; in the background you can see the Central library and the water level in the area.

On the photo 's the women were naked and showed her breasts and buttocks while they were observing the camera; the images were distributed without mentioning the date on which they were taken. So far, the university has not published a public opinion on the subject and the officials consulted said that this is not the subject of the institution.

The photos are published on the Facebook page "School of Accounting and Administration UNAM", which is not the official page of said academic entity.

"We do not publish or promote these kinds of things, but these photos are a lack of respect for the university community and the maximum house of studies, and we ask the university authorities to investigate and punish the youth involved in these acts. ", explains the publication.

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